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 +So, my problem is shown a little more clearly here.  These first two images are shots of my configuration page on my old provider'​s web-mail client. ​ You can see all the server details there, and the second image shows I'm connected and getting e-mail.
 +{{:​fatcow-config.png?​300|}} {{:​fatcow-connected.png?​300|}}
 +The second set are the settings on Hoard on your webservice. ​ As you can see, the connection details are identical, yet when I attempt to login, the connection times out after about 30 seconds and fails. ​ I AM able to connect to my old FatCow server, which is how I transfered mail over as I transitioned to your site.  You can see that FC connection is active in this shot below, so IMAP connectivity in Hoard appears to be working... Just not for Yahoo.
 +{{:​horde-config.png?​300|}} {{:​horde-failed.png?​300|}}
 +I'm wondering if maybe yahoo has blocked your site from connecting explicitly? ​ Or maybe there'​s a firewall rule in place on the webhost server preventing out-bound ports on 993?  Doesn'​t seem like something you'd do, but... just thoughts on why it may not be working.