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Auto FFXV for Android

Welcome to the setup and instruction page for Auto FFXV, a Tasker tool designed for those that play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. This tool is designed to add simple enhancements to the game that really should be there already.

Features of this version

Currently, the tool offers the following features:

  • Auto-play in the Guild Adventures Hall
  • Auto-help-all in the Guild Help page
  • Multi-resource purchase with counter


To use the tool, you currently need an Android device capable of running FFXV, and two additional tools: Tasker (a scripting tool), and AutoInput (an add-on utility for Tasker). Both have free trial periods, and are under $5 for long-term purchase at the time of this writing.

Tasker has two modes, basic (or simple) and advanced. You should be able to use either with this script. After installing both utilities, you should run each and follow the instructions for granting system permission to each. The AutoInput plugin will need accessibility controls enabled to use this script. You do not need a rooted device to use this script, nor do you need to give either utility root access if your device is rooted.


Once both Tasker and AutoInput are installed and setup correctly, the next step is to download the project file for the tool. (You may need to “save as”, as the xml file is supported in some viewers.) Once downloaded, you can import the file in Tasker by loading Tasker, long pressing on the Home icon in the lower left corner and selecting the “Import” item. If you are already familiar with Tasker, you may opt to long-press the Home button and select Add to add a tab, then long-select it to import the project files into the tab directly. If you do not see a Home icon, you may be in “beginner mode”. You can either switch to advanced, or simply long press the Profiles tab and import from the project from there.

Alerts Profile

FFXV-Alerts is a notification handler that can be used to selectively signal notifications from the game. This has no impact on the UI portion of the tool, it only handles notifications, and can be enabled or disabled separately via the slider.

The action sequence runs the Task of the same name, which filters incoming notifications and plays specific tones when text is found in the message. By default it signals a loud burst (Sonar) when an incoming scout or attack is noted. It also plays a gentle tone (Moondbeam) if your rally begins or your hero hits max MP while offline. You may set up other notification noises if you like by adding or copying rules in the Task, putting in the matching the text in the message and selecting the sound to play. You still need to enable the proper classifications of notifications in the app to get them to arrive at your device, but you can specify in the app that they are to be silent. This allows them to show up quietly, and for the script to make the noise only when specific notifications you want to know about are shown.

Buyer and Auto-Tap

The other two profiles are linked to their respectively named Tasks as well, and setup the UI and capabilities for interacting with FFXV UI features.

The FFXV-QuickStop feature stops and hides the overlay tool when you minimize the FFXV app, or another app overtakes it (like a call comes in). You can disable this feature directly by turning this Profile off. Note that if you do so, the tool will remain on screen even when FFXV is switched out, and if in an auto-click mode, may begin randomly clicking on the screen where it expects the buttons to be. (There's a reason I added this feature!)

The FFXV-Buyer profile is the rest of the application. It handles triggering the overlay popup from inside the app by pressing the volume down button. If you prefer, you can trigger this other ways, see the later comments on that in this article. Note, this doesn't override the volume down button. It will still turn the volume down when activating the overlay. You can also use the volume down button at any time to stop any actions the tool it taking. This can be handy if you need to stop it quickly, or you have problems hitting the small-ish buttons.

Tool UI and Usage

Currently there are only a handful of elements in the UI. You can change where the UI pops up by changing the sliders for location in the Task by editing the Show Scene item (currently item 8). I've placed it in an area that by default has very little useful information in the areas it is primarily used in. At any time, you may close the overlay by pressing the upper right corner of the overly. Note that doing so will cause it to stop any actions it was doing.

Using the Purchase Button

The Purchase button is indicated by the shopping cart icon. To use this, first scroll the number of items you wish to purchase up to the value you want. Then, press the cart and watch it go. This is designed to hit the top-most button in the purchase menus, typically 20M when you make the sort order largest to smallest in the app settings.

Suppose you need to purchase 1.4B resources, and already have 200M in stock. You would calculate the value (1400M - 200M = 1200M), divide by your top-most button (1200M / 20M = 60 purchases), select that value in the spinner, and hit the cart icon. The counter will tick down with each purchase, showing you how many it has left to go. This taps the purchase button once every two seconds, with a small tap to the middle of the screen about 1/4 second before, just in case you have purchase verification still turned on.

Using the Auto-Tap Button

The Auto-Tap button is below the purchase button, and looks like a sword pointing downward (or a pen, if you follow Google's view of the world). This simply starts a tapping to occur in the mid-right-bottom area of the screen where the basic attack icon usually is when fighting in the Guild Adventures Hall. Coincidentally, the “Help All” button in the Guild Help area happens to be in the same place, allowing this feature to do double duty. This simply taps that area once per second.

Stopping Tap actions

When active, the button pressed turns green, and a stop icon begins to pulse at the bottom of the overlay. You may press this icon at any time (or the volume down button) to stop the current action. Auto-Tap will run indefinitely until stopped. The Purchase option will stop itself once the counter has reached 0.


Q: I switched to another tab in the game while playing and forgot about the tapper running. It started randomly tapping things and purchased 80 packs on my account.

A: Congratulations on your purchase! Now is a good time to note that I take no liability for anything this app does or doesn't do. This is all on you. Don't switch things around while it's running before stopping it. I've tried to make it auto-stop when unexpected things happen, but it's really just a dumb script, so it has it's limits.

Q: When I import the script, Tasker warns me about someone being able to take over my device. I don't know or trust you. What can I do?

A: Don't trust me. The file itself is all in XML, and can be opened with any text editor. Feel free to read the code directly and verify that it's not going to send me all your password or such if you like. It's all 100% readable and open.

Q: My native language setting is Sivshalavakian, and the app in my language is “Ghlubunderfine 15: Vugrustin Posizilvistia”. Why does this app not work?

A: There are several areas where the app name is noted, and the app ID is stored in XML based on that. Your only option is to find those instances and replace them where you find them. If you do that, I highly encourage you to export your script and e-mail me a copy. I can then post the language-specific version for others. Unfortunately, as I don't have an device in this language already, I am unable to generate those on my own.

Q: I really don't like using the volume button to activate this. Can I use another method?

A: You can. Simply change the trigger in the profile to any other method you'd like to use. You can also just long-press on the Task and tell it to add an icon to the desktop, where you can manually launch it on your own. To make that work though, you'll have to disable the FFXV-QuickStop profile, small price to pay for keeping your volume button sacred.

Q: This is great, but I really want to use it in when playing my other game. Can it do that?

A: Yes, I'm sure it can. I suggest copying the tasks/profiles and renaming them, then adjusting them to your new game. You'll need to learn more about Tasker to do that, but it's time well spent, I promise you that.

Q: I play FFXV on my Android tablet in extra-wide portrait mode, and the buttons are all in different locations. Q: The tapper isn't hitting my buttons. How do I fix that?

A: This one gets complex. If you look at the steps in the FFXV-Buyer Task, you'll note there's math going on to try to figure out where the buttons are located. Because of the way the company made FFXV, the “buttons” used are not actual buttons, but just images you can tap. I tried to use my device as a rough guide to setup this auto-scaling, but if your device is very different, or you play in another orientation, or if they just move the buttons later, this may stop working.

If you look at that math being done, you'll note for the X and Y it gets your screen size and multiplies by one number, then divides by another, it then puts them to the AutoInput plugin. The number it multiplies by is the raw location I found on my screen using debug mode. The division number is the size reported by the AutoInput call to get the device resolution on my device. You can re-do this for your device by enabling developer options on your device, and enabling the Show pointer location item. You can then find where the buttons are on your screen in X and Y and simply use those values. You can either store those values directly into the variables (%buyx and %buyy, for example), or replace the multiplier with it, and the divisor with your screen dimensions (stored in FFXVRes).

Q: Will this work on my (iPhone / Blackberry / WinPhone / Garmand / PS4)?

A: No. This will only work on Android devices. Even if you can Taker and AutoInput for any of those (which I doubt you can), the way it does things is likely very OS specific. Minimally, you'd need to update the hit locations for the device (noted above). I wish you luck in your endeavors, but again, I take no responsibility for anything you do with it.

Q: Are you affiliated with FFXV or any of the tools noted? Are you profiting off this?

A: Nope. I did this because I got tired of sitting about hitting a button on my screen while playing. Depending on when you read this, I may not even be playing this game anymore, who knows. But I made nothing but the script and this web page, and take no money or no responsibility for it. If you were charged by someone for this, you've been scammed, go get your money back if you can. I offer support for this equal to the cost of it, which is nothing.

Q: I love this tool! Can I throw money at you? What can I do to show support?

A: Again with the money. No, thanks. If you really want to show support, then just how about not attacking me? Seriously, just don't attack any empire (the name of which can be seen in the image further up, if you look closely. And if you're feeling extra nice, don't attack the guild that empire is in either. If you're in said guild, you can always send giftable items. I like gifts.

Q: I have a cool feature idea for this! Where can I send it?

A: Drop me an e-mail, or message me in the game. Note that I may not take up every idea, and may not even be playing this by time you read it. If you really want something done, learn to use Tasker and try it yourself. If it works and is really cool, mail me an export and I may throw it in here.