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About This Site

BearMetalCoder is the home site for several smaller projects and products, as well as my personal home for blogs, pictures, file shares, adventuring and more. In the front page image, you'll find several links embedded within the image that point to various blogs, forums, and social connection sites (including this area).

About Craig / Woody

Originally from New Jersey, I came to Rochester in the 90s to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology. Thanks to R.I.T.'s co-op program, and the many things I learned at C.S.H., I had my pick of jobs after graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science.

Over the decades I've worked either directly or on contract for several companies, including Nortel, Xerox, Kodak, Entire/UFO, Ascom/Timeplex, and Pictometry/EagleView. I have strong software development experiences in C++, PHP, Python, and Java, on platforms ranging from Windows to Linux to Android to OS-less systems (like Arduino and micro-controller systems). I also have experience in hardware design and firmware development, though for the past decade or so the latter skill set has been limited to home automation projects.

For over 16 years I lived in the city of Rochester where I owned a small home in the 19th Ward. I currently live in Henrietta, and have a small place in Allen where I enjoy spending time during the summer months. I currently work in Fishers at a privately held company.

Other Interests

I also enjoy a variety of other pass-times, including:

  • Playing games (board, card, video, etc) with friends.
  • Traveling, both within the US and abroad.
  • Home automation and micro-system integration.
  • Creating small tools and programs for the OpenSource community.
  • Watching movies, especially at the Little and Dryden.


The best method to contact me is either via e-mail (woody@this-domain) or via Facebook. If you're contacting me about work or as a professional contact, please use the e-mail (woodward@this-domain) instead. I am also available on LinkedIn, but only link there with people whom I have worked with, or had a professional or service relationship with (contractors, lawyers, etc). Social acquaintances or friends are for Facebook, professional relationships are for LinkedIn, with a very rare few being on both.